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Interview at EEWeb magazine

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Web controls for your Rasberry Pi projects

There are literally unlimited number of projects that you can make with web control. Best thing is that you can control your project from wherever you[...]

The treasure hunt game with an Arduino twist

You know the good old treasure hunt game - Maybe you've enjoyed playing with your friends. Jason Poel Smith shows how to bring this game to the 21st[...]

How to send and receive SMS messages with Arduino

Educ8s.com strikes again with another brilliant tutorial. In this video you will learn how to send and receive SMS messages using the Arduino GSM/GPRS[...]

This timelapse of the Alaska 19s Northern Lights is amazing

Our home, Earth, has an invisible shield against cosmic radiation - Its magnetic field. Every now and then, the sun will send a wave of charged particles[...]

There is an easy way to square numbers up to 100 in you rmind

MisterNumbers compiled this video and demonstrates a way that you can square numbers up to 100 in your mind, using basically addition and subtraction[...]

Free energy from Quantum Vacuum got a big NO-NO

There is this guy who claims that managed to light up 23 LEDs in parallel for 52 hours straight from a single AA battery cell. He also claims that each[...]

There is an algorithm to follow and win rock-paper-scissors

Rock-paper-scissors is this sort of game that seems to be completely random. But group of Chinese scientists ran this experiment with 360 students playing[...]

World first: Nanobots traveled inside a living mouse to deliver medicine

It seems that the nanobot race is getting somewhere. Researchers in the University of California, San Diego, announced that they managed for the first[...]

You can DIY your Nokia phone Video cable

Deepeshsolanki15 uploaded this instructable - He shows how one can make a video cable for the Nokia phones. It is dead simple and cheap, so why not? Why[...]

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