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Interview at EEWeb magazine

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Actually, this DIY walking bot is cute!

I laughed when I saw this video... Maybe it's the background musing... And it's simple too! Look around your old toys, RC cars, anything that[...]

This NASA Worldwide CO2 yearly animation is part mesmerizing and part scary

When I first saw the title I said to myself "Well, yes, just another NASA video", but this one is really really cool! NASA put together the chromatic[...]

Did you know that whenever your reCAPTCHA you help Google to digitize books?

You've seen this picture before, haven't you? Websites and popular platforms use this "Are you a human" detection method to avoid bots[...]

There has to be a reason why this MnM sorting machine was made

I look at it over and over again, and I find it nothing sort of brilliant! I mean, I was rather pleased with my own straw separator/dispenser module for[...]

Tiny Footprint LDO Provides 300mA of Current [Chip Ideas]

The AP7341 from Diodes Incorporated is a low voltage drop linear regulator housed in a tiny DFN1010-4 package with a footprint of 1mm by 1mm and no thicker[...]

This PCB Lamp Brings Science to Your Room [Project]

Its not bad, not bad at all. I mean, with a few tweaks like a breathing circuit or some white LEDs breathing inside, this can be art[...]

Maybe this is how Metal 3D Printers will Work [Technology]

What you're about to see is a 3D printer which prints metal on metal. The TU Delft team has followed the work from Open-source metal 3-D printer[...]

NASA Published a Map with the Asteroid Impacts since 1994 [Space]

Yes, our home planet has been through worst in the past (Early and Late Heavy Bombardment). Things these days are much better, I mean we do not experience[...]

The 110 (plus) Years Old Lamp is Still Working!

Three years ago I posted this entry with the oldest non-stop working incandescent light bulb in the world. Today i stumbled upon this lamp again, and thought[...]

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