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Interview at EEWeb magazine

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Simplest DIY Distilling Equipment Ever to Clean Your Water

Distilling usually involves a boiler, some pipes and a condenser with even more pipes. But this instructable uses nothing more than a boiling pot and a[...]

Single transistor audio Preamplifier works well indeed! [Project]

I love transistors! I love MOSFETS as well, but BJTs are my favorites. Although I know very good assemlby to use with microcontrollers, i still prefer[...]

New type of Self-Tightening Nut Achieve Excellent Fastening [Tech]

Izushi has developed the Kinglock Nut, which achieves tight fastening through an innovative new structure and surface[...]

Why High-Capacity HDDs are filled with Helium [Experiment]

When I read about the Western Digital 10GB HDD I thought "huh? Helium???". And then i searched and found Ultrastar He6 which claims to be the[...]

Simple Joule Thief with through-hole Inductor Works Wonders [Project]

And its time to design the flash light for your upcoming camping excursion, and you want it to operate with minimum batteries, and you want it to be small[...]

Styrofoam-Made Illuminated Ghost looks so Awesome [Project]

Yeah! I love new ideas that sit on the back of my head and pop-out when needed. This is definitely one of those. Made from a simple piece of Styrofoam[...]

Text To Speech with PIC Micro [Project]

Did you know that you can use a PIC24 and the SAM (Software Automatic Mouth) open source text-to-speech library to make your projects speak?[...]

Methods to Protect your Circuits from Backwards Voltage [Circuit]

Many people forget to add a backwards voltage protection to their circuits and usually a smocking transistor comes to remind the importance. A simple diode[...]

Simple Steam Engine Principle [Science]

A very simple steam engine demonstrates how steam turbines work in raw principle. Its a nice idea for educational purposes[...]

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