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Hijacking TVs via Google Chromecast [Hack]

Under normal use, the Chromecast can be sent a deauth command that disconnects it from wifi. But there's a bug: when the media player is kicked off[...]

LM386 Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier [Project]

Lee Zhi Xian made this small low voltage audio amplifier for use with various devices and explains the how to of the projects and the advantages of the[...]

1200W Flyback Driven Capacitor Charger [Project]

This is a 1200W charger which uses a coilcraft GA3460-BL flyback transformer in conjunction with the LT3751 microchip. In theory it is capable of charging[...]

Candy Sorting Machine [Project]

Sean Hodgins found the ideal gift for his girlfriend, only problem was he had to made it from scratch:[...]

TinyPrime [Project]

Spacewrench, member at DorkbotPDX, build this tiny prime number generator:[...]

PIDDYBOT: A Self Balancing Teaching Tool [Project]

PID control algorithms are widely used method for smooth control of inertial systems. This can be motor speed control, heating, flight control. Balancing[...]

Building an Arduino home automation controller [Project]

Control physical devices using an Arduino based home automation controller that connects to your network and lets you switch things on and off using a[...]

Making a Cheap Noise Figure Indicator with an RTL-SDR [Project]

Amateur radio hobbyists Frank Schmaling (DL2ALF), Wolf-Henning Rech (DF9IC) and Alexander Kurpiers (DL8AAU) have uploaded a pdf document containing slides[...]

Pneumatic Sponge Ball Accelerator [Project]

The Pneumatic Sponge Ball Accelerator is inspired by particle accelerators such as the LHC. Niklas Roy, the maker, explains that although they can be huge[...]

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