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NutriSmart: Smart nutrition system for stupid people
posted June 11 2011 20:05.45 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Nothing strange though. This is the decease of the century. Smart people build "smart" machines, only to let them relax their brains. Here is another example. Nutrismart is a German...

[Via: tuvie]    [Link: HannesRemote]
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Tags: rfid   ridiculous   bad idea   crazy designs   sick   hilarious   geek   omg   insane   commercial   futuristic   

A Mobile phone with RFID mod
posted November 7 2010 20:51.04 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Bunnie:studio has an idea for those who use RFID cards quite often. He chopped the EZlink RFID card for the Singapore bus system...

[Link: bunniestudios]
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Tags: crazy hack   cell phone hacks   rfid   mods   

Lego Green Lantern Power Battery
posted September 10 2010 19:06.58

JustJ0n made a replica of Green Lantern power battery from Lego. But what is a lantern without a ring to power it up?
Inside the lantern is an Arduino responsible for activating the lights when the RFID ring is near it.
A nice mixture of fantasy comics and modern technology coming together.
For complete info and more photos you can check here.

[Link: justjon]
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Tags: crazy hack   electronic project   diy   microcontroller   arduino   rfid   lego   

ardPlayer Token - RFID reader and Arduino
posted May 25 2010 15:44.16

Alain V. made a simple project with an RFID reader attached to an arduino microcontroller which sends the commands to a pc and enables him by selecting different cards or tokens to start play a playlist or stop it. Nice, simple and does the job with a hi-tech touch. You can find all the info you need here.

[Link: kalshagar]
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Tags: crazy hack   electronic project   diy   computer peripheral hacks   microcontroller   arduino   rfid   music   

RFID based Access Control System prototype using Arduino
posted May 20 2010 14:17.48

bigdinotech made an acces control system using RFID cards and utilizing arduino as the "brains" in the decision open or locked. The video has all the details you need.

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Tags: electronic project   diy   microcontroller   arduino   rfid   

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