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Take a peek at Windows 8 - Will run on USB stick???
posted April 16 2011 20:02.24 by Giorgos Lazaridis

This is a brand new fresh video introducing future Windows 8. The video shows a version for test (build 7955) and was published by winfuture.de. A friend of mine dug the same video from youtube from user robyroby27. Watch it first, and then continue reading, for more interesting things are yet to come... Thanks [Petro]

Now, i found this post in Gizmodo today, titled "Windows 8 Can Be Run From a USB Stick". Many people are already familiar with OSs running from USB sticks, aren't you Linux users? But windows running from USB?

A leaked copy of Windows 8 has had people scrambling to find new features and tidbits to gossip about—and it looks like there's a surprise hidden there for us, as we'll actually be able to run it from a USB stick. In fact, you'll be able to create copies using the portable workspace feature, though you'll need a USB stick of at least 16GB to do so.

16GB??? That is HYSTERICAL! Anyway, it is a small step for man...

[Link: robyroby27]
Tags: leak   commercial   pc related   software   hilarious   

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