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The most famous golden record is inside the Voyager [Space]
posted March 22 2012 19:57.34 by Giorgos Lazaridis

The most famous golden record ever is the one that the voyager carries. Launched in 1977, the voyager spacecraft managed to reach the edge of our solar system last year (2011). Inside each spacecraft (remember there is the voyager 1 and voyager 2) there are the most famous records, the so-called Voyager Golden Records. They contain images and sounds from the life and culture on Earth, as well as the method that any potential extra-terrestrial life will have to follow in order to decipher these data and locate us in the cosmos.

And here they are! The Voyager Golden Records themselves (images from wikipedia)

You can see -most- of the images that these record have in this link.

The "sounds from Earth" are in this link. Some of them will certainly make the ET freak out!

Here is a series of youtube videos with the contents of the interstellar record. The second video (embeded bellow) has the greetings in 55 languages:

Finally, here is the explanation of the markings on one side of the record, as explained by wikipedia

[Link: JPL NASA]
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