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A cool clock made of marble
posted December 29 2010 17:23.53 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Oscar Gonzalez from BricoGeek send us his latest project. This is a huge wall clock made of a marble (!!!) case. The clock uses and Arduino MEGA with a Real time clock module and an SHT15 board from SFE. Six digits 10 cm tall shows the current hour and date. 4 LED display matrix are used to show temperature, humidity and an RSS feed from the Internet. An Xbee (with the help of a xBee explorer USB) connects a little processing software that is able to get, parse and send a feed to the clock. The feed is stored in a 1Mbit EEPROM. Between each feed line, the clock shows date, temperature and humidity, then continue to show feed until next feed sync is reached. An Arduino duemilanove is used to manage the LED matrix and is connected through the UART to the main Arduino MEGA board.

The box is 70x35 cm made of 2,5cm thick black marble, with a 4mm crystal in front. The whole thing weights about 10Kg ! It is not portable, but is freaking cool! Great job. More info along with the source code to download can be found here. Photos here. Thanks Oscar.

[Link: BricoGeek]
Tags: electronic project   clock   7-seg led   microcontroller   arduino   

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