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Linear clock shows time on a ruler
posted December 21 2010 6:14.54 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Sometimes, thinking unconventional produces impressive things. Youtube user euphyscott thought that time is not circular, but linear. The result was an unconventional linear clock that he made. The hours and minutes are shown on a linear ruller with pointers moving with motors left and right. When the ruler ends, they return to home position to start count again. The following video is at x60 speed, so the minutes pointer shows actually seconds.

[Link: euphyscott]
Tags: electronic project   clock   microcontroller   

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  • At 21 December 2010, 13:55:37 user Fung wrote:   [reply @ Fung]
    • 2 second hands should exist in order to count continuously, one of them move in front of the "ruler" while another one goes behind, when the first one has reached to "12", another one appears at the position "0", it would be better...

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