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It is amazing to find out how 3D glasses work! [Video]
posted April 2 2012 5:20.14 by Giorgos Lazaridis

There is one little problem with technology: Man cannot follow! I mean, it would be nice for technology to have a "follow" button, but this is not the case. Therefore, i really appreciate when people spend time to make such a nice explanatory video for technological gadgets, which would be difficult to search and find resources explaining how things work. This video comes from Sixty Symbols, in which professor Phil Moriarty explains how the 3D glasses work, and how do 3D films give us that three dimensional effect. It's really interesting, watch it.

[Link: Sixty Symbols]
Tags: 3D media   cool gadget   inventions   physics   science   people with talent   new materials   how is made   theory/tutorial   how it works   

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