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Excellent home-made component tester-Poorly documented
posted February 5 2011 10:10.09 by Giorgos Lazaridis

This is the most professional-like DIY component tester i've ever seen. Unfortunately, the maker provides no info how he made it. I can only tell that it is based on the mighty PIC24HJ128GP204 clocked at 80MHz. The LCD is a color 320x240 65K depth LCD touch screen, powered with a 7.4v Li-ion battery with fast system charge. The system has a multi-language interface, and operates as a multimeter and as an oscilloscope as well. The maker states that the development took about 7 months. Very nice work, nice housing, but poorly documented.

[Link: jcomega.getalife-mod]
Tags: electronic project   touch screen   microcontroller   pic   inventions   tools   

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