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LED Chaser using BCM for dimming
posted November 4 2010 16:47.29 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Joby Taffey again with an interesting circuit. He made an LED chaser, in which all 8 LEDs will dim interdependently. The microcontroller from Texas Instruments that he used to control the LEDs (MSP430G2231), does not have enough PWM ports to control each one independently. As a matter of fact, only few MCUs have 8 PWM outputs! So he had to find another way to do it.

He then came across this Binary Code Modulation tutorial. He applied this method to send pulses to each LED accordingly, and he managed to have 8 LEDs with independent dimming effect. Here is a video of the LEDs without the cover:

That is a really nice idea Joby!

[Link: EE-Fail]
Tags: electronic project   led   microcontroller   

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