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How about posting your projects in PCB Heaven in your own page? [Announcement]
posted November 3 2011 11:30.00 by Giorgos Lazaridis

This year, PCB Heaven became more popular, with a higher number of visitors per month and increased PR. More specifically, PCBH is now PR4 (compared to PR3 that it was last year), and experiences a monthly traffic increment from 90% up to 590% in some occasions. Thank you all for supporting my efforts and visiting my site.

Special thanks to all of you that help spreading the site. Special thanks to all of you that are active members in the forum. Special thanks to all of you that post your projects in the forum. Special thanks to all of you that proof-read and correct my articles. You've done more than just increasing the google page-count and improving the site's quality: First of all, you proved me that there are many-MANY people who appreciate my efforts to make a site through which knowledge is freely shared. But more importantly, you showed me that there are people who are unselfishly willing to help to improve the site, by offering any help they can. I'm honored...

Since I've seen that more and more people are willing to post their projects in the forum, and since the forum is not the best place to post a project, i decided to start a new section in the site which will (probably) have the title "Your projects". In this section, you will be able to upload your projects, exactly the same way that i do. So:

Send me your suggestions and ideas about this section:
  • Should the writer be able to write/edit the page himself (requires subscription as a writer), or he should mail me a document with the worklog for me to upload it?

  • Should i follow an "instructables-like" step-by-step worklog guide? Or is the method that i already use for my projects better?

  • Please do not post a comment as a reply, instead prefer to send me an email (for archiving reasons) with the subject "For your projects". I'm open to discuss every suggestion or idea that you have.

    [Link: pcbheaven]
    Tags: articles   internet related   

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