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Capacitive Touch Pad replica by Ron [Project]
posted November 3 2011 11:29.56 by Giorgos Lazaridis

It's so nice to see other people replicating my projects or getting inspired by them! This is the best reward for my efforts. About two weeks ago, Ron, a member of pcbheaven forum with the id roneeron, posted a thread titled "Touch Pad Replication". This is actually a replica of the 10 Buttons PIC Touch-Pad with BCD Output that i posted this summer.

In his worklog he explains how he solved some problems with the capacitance buttons that i also faced myself during design-time. A 0.5mm air-gap between the PCB and the 2mm glass and a metallic grounded plate behind the 16F1937 solved these problems for him.

Thank you Ron for taking the time to post your work!

He also made a video demonstrating his project:

[Link: rohndoe]
Tags: touch screen   pic   microcontroller   electronic project   diy   capacitance sensor   

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