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A flying sphere to rule the quadrotors [Video]
posted March 31 2012 19:40.16 by Giorgos Lazaridis

This is the world's first spherical flying machine, developed by Japan Ministry Of Defense. The sphere can hover and land/take-off vertically like a helicopter, but it has also wings which allows to fly like an aircraft. It is equipped with three gyroscopes which makes it very stable. It can run into objects and being struck without falling to the Earth. Additionally, the sphere can roll on the ground as well, which makes this gizmo double unique!
Made from off-the-shelf parts it can be built for $1,400, and can hit speeds up to 60 KMPh.

[Link: Diginfo]
Tags: gyro   flying machines   mechanical   quadrotor   inventions   crazy designs   extreme   

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