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Draw what you see in perfect proportions with this drawing aid [Video]
posted March 29 2012 12:15.36 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Here is something different for art, although i believe that it is not that much of an art. This machine (which i'd rather call it technique) is invented by artists Ryan and Trevor Oakes. The idea behind it is that our brain combines images from 2 eyes. Make an experiment: Hold a paper with your left hand about 30cm away from your left eye, but leave the right eye free to look far ahead. Your right eye must be looking to something that is about 3 meter away. Then try to look straight without focusing anywhere. With your right hand, put a pencil onto the paper. You will notice that You see the pencil both on the paper, but also on the object that is 3 meters away! This is exactly how this method works. The artist can then draw what he sees with perfect perspective, since he only has to follow the lines! It is still not easy. Give me a ruler and a pen, and i will still draw a curved line...

[Link: David Battistella]
Tags: mechanical   artistic   illusion   tips   crazy designs   trick   creative   people with talent   

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