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iPhone Controlled LED Suit
posted September 1 2010 23:34.32

Marc (uiproductions) wanted something extraordinary to wear in DC 2010 festival, after heavy thinking the result was a full-body suit of LEDs that can be controled to any color or pattern desired.
Taking a white suit and sewing up to 200 RGB leds on it and having an iPhone to control via wifi the various patterns and colors did the job.
Marc also added an accelerometer and a microphone to the suit to have even more ways to control the leds.
The result is at least eye catching and sure will make his presence noticable. :)
Complete info and more videos can be found here.

[Link: uiproductions]
Tags: crazy hack   electronic project   diy   led   microcontroller   arduino   accelerometer   

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  • At 23 February 2011, 7:39:18 user austin wrote:   [reply @ austin]
    • dude where can i get one of these?

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