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An Arduino RGB-LED strip controller
posted November 10 2010 19:12.04 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Here is an RGB LED-strip controller tutorial with Arduino from ladyada. What she did is she took some analog type RGB LED strips that are made of 3-LED sections 10 cm long, and 3 N-Channel MOSFEts to control them. Analog type LED-strips are very easy to interface and control them, because it is like you control one simple LED. RGB LEDs needs 3 control signals, and that's the reason for the 3 MOSFETs. The Arduino controls the gate of the MOSFETs with PWM pulses. The higher the pulse duty cycle, the brighter the corresponding color (Red Green or Blue).
This is a very basic RGB LED controller, well documented to get an idea how it works. Check this link.

[Link: ladyada.net]
Tags: electronic project   led   arduino   

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