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Lego Mindstorms NXT Quadra-ped X-4 "Sloth"
posted September 2 2010 8:19.55

222Doc after building the first Lego biped to climb steps now decided to try something harder.
He builded a Quadra-ped from Lego parts that it is able to climb ladders both in vertical and horizontal orientation.
With a total of 12 motors, 8 for articulations and 4 for gripers its sure alot of work to syncronize and program everything and as the maker says its the hardest thing he's done so far.
The result worth the pain though since "Sloth" seems to climb with ease the test ladder and carry its weight around.
Another first for 222Doc since we're unaware of something similar.

[Link: 222Doc]
Tags: robot   rc servo   lego   mechanical   

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