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Build own biped robot without a kit, using Arduino
posted July 13 2010 19:14.46

Lars Kristian Roland is building a Biped Robot from scratch instead of using a kit, utilizing some sheets of metal for easy manufacturing at home, 12 standard servos and an Arduino based development environment, the bot stands on its feet and is able to walk a bit.
Of course the job is far from finished but the robot is capable of basic moves such as crouch and stretch, lift a leg etc.
From the first impressions this looks promising and the best part is that Lars is planning upon completion of the software to make it open source!
More info on the project can be found here.

[Link: Disruptive Messaging]
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Tags: electronic project   robot   diy   rc servo   microcontroller   arduino   mechanical   

Lego Writer / Printer
posted July 13 2010 18:51.40

Mehul Asher constructed a Lego robot that can act as a text printer. The bot is built using a Lego Mindstorms Kit (8527) and the software powering it up is made using the Lego toolkit for LabVIEW.
The WRITER as the maker calls it, can write characters and numbers in a pre-defined method all characters and numbers are in block letters format. The user has just to enter the desired text and the WRITER will start to "print" it on the paper.
More info, details and more robots can be found here.

[Link: ashermehul]
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Tags: electronic project   robot   diy   rc servo   microcontroller   lego   mechanical   

nBot - Short Robot-Battle Example
posted July 12 2010 19:44.41

shynet after presenting us the nBot for first time now comes back with a small battle between two bots. The red and the blue team fight till "death" and at the end of the video you'll learn who wins.
A school project getting better and better.

[Link: byshynet]
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Tags: crazy hack   electronic project   robot   diy   laser   rc servo   computer peripheral hacks   cell phone hacks   remote control (RC)   accelerometer   microcontroller   

The beginings of an Omni-wheeled Bot
posted July 12 2010 19:25.36

R J McNamara
is planning to build a soccer playing robot with Lego for chasis and brains and some Rotacaster Omni-wheels when they become available in the Lego Technics format.
Event though the wheels attached now doesn't help in movement the bot seems to have no serious problem navigating around freely.
This bot has all the credentials to become a master scorer and we'll keep an eye in the progress and so can you here.

[Link: rjmcnamara]
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Tags: electronic project   robot   diy   rc servo   microcontroller   lego   

ARM Powered Android LEGO MultiCuber 777
posted July 8 2010 20:20.25

David Gilday designed the ARM Powered MultiCuber 777, a LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robot that solves V-CUBE 7 utilizing an Android Application on a DROID by MOTOROLA smartphone.
Maybe not as fast as ARM's last speedcuber but more impressive and massive.

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Tags: robot   rc servo   cell phone hacks   microcontroller   lego   

marXbot automatically exchange its battery
posted July 7 2010 21:41.11

MarXbot is made by the Laboratoire de Systèmes Robotiques (LSRO) group in EPFL and is a modular all-terrain experimentation robot with a handfull of features.
It is build with modularity in mind, in order to adapt to several research projects and being capable of commu...

[Link: EPFL]
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Tags: robot   mechanical   rc servo   research   

Thumb War Bot
posted July 7 2010 21:33.42

TheYyozz made this robot as a class project. It's made entirely of Lego and is meant to play the Thumb war game simulating the opponents hand and because is a fair player it also gets to decide who won by two rotating signs indicating a smiley and a sad face accordingly.
Simple and fun, what more can you ask from a Lego bot?

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Tags: robot   gaming   lego   

Android-powered Mindstorms
posted July 5 2010 17:34.21

Boris Smus made a fully autonomous twitter-controlled robot with NXT brick and an Android phone. Instead of the usual way of the phone communicating with a computer over WiFi, and the computer (paired to the NXT through bluetooth) submits the command to the brick, Boris made the phone part of the robot eliminat...

[Link: borismus]
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Tags: electronic project   robot   diy   rc servo   cell phone hacks   microcontroller   lego   

Human Robot Interaction research in CSE Laboratory. University of Oulu
posted July 1 2010 17:46.36

Computer Science and Engineering Laboratory (CSE) in University of Oulu, Finland demonstrate their latest research project, the Minotaurus.
Minotaurus project is about machine vision methods and intelligent sensor networks for efficient human-machine interaction.
Main features are person detection and gesture recognition, emotion recognition, multiple person recognition, speech recognition and synthesizing, human-robot dialog and execution of commands.
Capabilities seems endless and the results in the video prove that everything is working perfect even if this is not a commercial product but just a research project.
People behind the project promise more demonstrations to come so stay tuned.

[Link: cse.oulu]
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Tags: robot   research   

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