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Potassium Permanganate + Brake Fluid
posted May 31 2010 17:56.56

styropyro except lasers he also likes playing with chemicals, in this video demonstrates the reaction of KMnO4(Potassium Permanganate) when combined with brake fluid. A rather flammable reaction occurs whether is mixed in a can or just pur the one over the other. Chemistry is always fun but can also be dangerous so always watch but don't try to reproduce unless you know what you are doing.

[Link: styropyro]
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Tags: chemistry   

DIY liquid nitrogen generator
posted May 27 2010 13:46.52

Ben Krasnow made a liquid nitrogen generator from parts bought on eBay, the parts wasn't easy to be found and took Ben over a year of searching but he proved that it can be done and the whole cost was under $500.
The device con...

[Link: Ben Krasnow]
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Tags: crazy hack   diy   inventions   chemistry   

How to make a pvc rocket engine
posted April 23 2010 20:24.45

kno3me shows the construction of small rocket but with enough power as you can see in the video.

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Tags: crazy hack   diy   chemistry   

How to make a glowing tomato
posted April 21 2010 16:58.49

unveils some more fun sections of chemistry.

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Tags: chemistry   diy   

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