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The Autonomous Drifter
posted April 12 2010 6:10.23

Chris from pyroelectro combined a microcontroller an rc car and a pc to end up with a pc remote controlled rc. The car itself is not altered but only its remote control.
There are 2 modes of operation manual and auto. Complete how-to schematics and code can be found here.

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Tags: computer peripheral hacks   remote control (RC)   microcontroller   

How to Make a Cheap Multitouch Pad - MTmini
posted April 10 2010 11:53.26

cerupcat made a cheap multichouch pad with minimun materials but still it works like the high valued ones. You can check also here for a better build and link for multitouch programs.

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Tags: diy   electronic project   computer peripheral hacks   multitouch   

Low-Cost Multi-touch Whiteboard using the Wiimote
posted April 9 2010 16:00.31

Johnny Chung Lee is a genius guy whos curriculum vitae is enough to fill our site, one of his researches is about Wiimote and how to implement it in various applications. One of them is creating a multi-touch white board with it. Its a must to check his other projects about Wiimote.

[Link: Youtube]
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Tags: Wii   computer peripheral hacks   diy   

Making a Hard Drive Speaker
posted April 9 2010 14:49.38

There is a new use for your old hdd, from storage equipment "upgrade" it to sound! By connecting it to a sound source, sound card, amp etc. you can have your own hdd speaker full of memories from the data used to store. :) YouTuber p4e81 made it, why dont you?

[Link: Youtube]
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Tags: hdd   music   diy   computer peripheral hacks   

HDD clock with LCD Touchscreen controller
posted April 9 2010 12:08.50

Jason Amsel and Konstantin Klitenik made a clock from an old hard drive and also used an LCD touchscreen acting as display and controller for time setting. HDD clocks are not new but combined like this i think its the first time. In the page you can find complete documentation, schematics, scripts and video links showing the clock in action. Watching time never was more fun.

[Link: Cornell University]
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Tags: hdd   clock   lcd   touch screen   computer peripheral hacks   

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