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SynthPIC digital music synthesizer
posted May 12 2010 18:12.03

karelvanderwalt made a Phase Distortion based, music synthesizer using only a single PIC Microcontroller. Even though all digital he put a dedicated pot or switch to every parameter for an analog feel. Looks good and sounds good too, Details, schematics and more provided here.

[Link: synthpic]
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Tags: electronic project   diy   music   microcontroller   

12AU7 Phono Preamp
posted May 11 2010 13:21.10

Meltz14 motivated from this project builds his own tube preamp. A simple RIAA equalization was added to make it suitable for a phono stage.

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Tags: electronic project   diy   music   

Fatduino Ring Modulator - Arduino synthesizer
posted May 10 2010 17:11.37

nibblernibbles mixed together a Paia Fatman analog synth with an arduino and came up with the Fatduino, an arduino synthesizer. You can read the whole story , with the ups and downs here.

[Link: nibblernibbles]
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Tags: electronic project   diy   music   microcontroller   arduino   

Zeeanobot - Mechanical View
posted May 7 2010 12:02.15

crazycampkid1992 builded a programmable piano playing robot made entirely of knex. The result is equally pleasing to the eyes and ears. Full instruction can be found here.

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Tags: crazy hack   mechanical   diy   music   robot   

How to build a Basic Midi Controller
posted May 5 2010 18:12.32

eangolden shows how to build an inexpensive (under 100$) midi controller able to controll 2 decks. Details and more music projects can be found at eangolde's site. If you were hidding a dj inside of you now it's time to take him out. :)

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Tags: electronic project   diy   music   

Weekend Laser light show POC
posted May 5 2010 17:48.57

ehu42 builded a simple and fun laser light show utilizing some speakers for the lazer movement.

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Tags: diy   laser   music   

Mario Theme played on Stepper Motors with an Arduino
posted April 28 2010 17:09.31

cmhiekses plays some different music, it's come from stepper motors driven by an arduino and the result is awesome.

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Tags: electronic project   music   arduino   

HDD Speaker(tune up)
posted April 28 2010 17:06.49

shows how to make your hdd speaker sound better and add a touch of hi fidelity. :)

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Tags: hdd   diy   music   computer peripheral hacks   

LiveDrummer v000 for SEGA Master System YM2413
posted April 23 2010 19:34.02

Little-Scale made a simple program for SEGA Master System. The idea is to trigger drum sounds for each of the following buttons on the SEGA Master System joypad - up, down, left, right and button1. By holding down button 2 and pressing left / right / up or down, the user can select different drum sounds. The drums are synthesised by the YM2413.

[Link: little-scale]
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Tags: electronic project   diy   music   

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