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Meet the nBot
posted June 29 2010 17:12.57

shynet and his friend made the nBot as a school project. The nBot is a moving robot that shoots a laser - the laser hits the opponent team laser detecting sensor (which is a small system attached to an Light Dependent Resistor - LDR). On each hit the opponent robot sends a hit signal to the main server, then the main server calculates the remain...

[Link: byshynet]
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Tags: crazy hack   electronic project   robot   diy   laser   rc servo   computer peripheral hacks   cell phone hacks   remote control (RC)   microcontroller   accelerometer   

posted June 28 2010 19:58.39

Kurt Schulz
has a scooter, a plain ordinary scooter which transports him around the city.
One day he decided to make a simple battery state indicator for his scooter, while he builded it in a nights time he saw a screen, a TouchShield Slide OLED display with touch screen.
That screen must go to the scooter he though but what to do such a screen if the only thing in it is a mere battery state?
So Kurt added time and date, temperature, lean gauge with resettable max L-R indicators, current speed, resetta...

[Link: janspace]
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Tags: electronic project   clock   lcd   touch screen   diy   auto/moto   microcontroller   battery   arduino   accelerometer   

Lego NXT controlled with Android smartphone via Bluetooth
posted June 21 2010 20:26.30

linuxgeocacher is demonstrating an application of NXTControl for remote controlling a Lego Mindstorms NXT robot via an Android powered mobile phone. The difference is that you no longer need an intermediate PC, you can directly control the NXT via Bluetooth. All you need to have is an Android powered smartphone with at least Android version 2.1. There is also an Action-Button for doing other things than moving around.
Instructions and source code can be found here.

[Link: ghoelzl]
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Tags: electronic project   robot   diy   rc servo   cell phone hacks   remote control (RC)   accelerometer   lego   

posted June 16 2010 18:54.18

Have you ever imagined owning a quadricopter with three axes accelerometer, two gyrometers [one axe & two axes], one ultrasound sensor and two cameras constructed from carbon fiber and high resistance PA66 plastic? And to go beyond, imagine to contr...

[Link: AR.Drone]
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Tags: commercial   rc servo   remote control (RC)   gaming   accelerometer   wireless   mechanical   

DJPlayer - handheld virtual turntable, music player
posted June 9 2010 14:16.13

Yifeng Huang describes his project as "a handheld personal music performance device. You can upload songs, then use the built-in accelerometer to change the play speed, scratch, and more".
Apart from these functions allready implemented in the device the maker plans some more such as, song announcement, automatic download software and reverse play support.
To watch the full details and progress of the project along with schematics and code check here.

[Link: Yifeng Huang]
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Tags: crazy hack   electronic project   diy   music   microcontroller   accelerometer   

Arduino Gyroscope Mouse
posted June 7 2010 18:56.07

KuroMaii made an Arduino and Wii Nunchuck based gyroscope mouse imitation.
I can say that is one of the smoothest gyro mouse's i've seen. The "WiiChuck" adapter and functions code for Arduino came from TodBot.

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Tags: electronic project   diy   computer peripheral hacks   microcontroller   arduino   accelerometer   

Robust 3D Hand Tracking for Human Computer Interaction
posted June 3 2010 15:59.42

Victor Adrian Prisacariu and Ian Reid from Oxford University propose a system for human computer interaction via 3D hand movements, based on a combination of visual tracking and a cheap, off-the-shelf, accelerometer. They use a 3D model and region based tracker, resulting in robustness to variations in illumination, motion blur and occlusions. At the same time the accelerometer allows them to deal with the multimodality in the silhouette to pose function. They show the effectiveness of their solution with multiple real-world tests and demonstration scenarios.

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Tags: research   inventions   accelerometer   

Arduino-LabVIEW Cyborg
posted June 2 2010 14:44.45

samuelosv demonstartes a robotic arm which is controlled by the human's arm movement with accelerometer and gyro. The robotic arm moves proportionally to the movement around one axis of the arm. It is possible with more gyros and accelerometer to add more degrees of freedom.

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Tags: electronic project   diy   accelerometer   rc servo   robot   

Undulating Flux
posted May 31 2010 18:20.09

David Resnick
choose a rather complex project for his first-year project in the Arts Computation Engineering program at UC Irvine. The overall goal of Undulating Flux is to bring the participant into what psychologist Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi termed a flow state. A flow state is described as a state of being wherein action follows upon action according to an internal logic that seems to need no consc...

[Link: davidresnick]
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Tags: research   microcontroller   arduino   Wii   accelerometer   inventions   mechanical   electronic project   

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