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Amazingly accurate 3D gesture control [Gadgets]
posted June 25 2012 7:03.53 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Gesture control kinda began with Wii and then Kinect and it was obvious that gesture control systems will one day replace the mouse of home personal computers. The next giant leap comes from a company named Leap Motion.

Leap Motion will launch their new gadget in December 2012 or January 2013. It will be a small USB device with sophisticated software and unmatched accuracy, and is expected to cost some $70. It is able to monitor a space of 4 cubic feet in size, and track hand gestures as well as individual finger tips. Touch-based gestures like pinch-to-zoom can be sensed thanks to the hundredth of a millimeter accuracy! 200 times more accurate than anything else in the market!

CEO Michael Buckwald told CNET:

We want there to be world-changing applications that fundamentally transform how people interact with their operating system or browse the Web.... The goal is to fundamentally transform how people interact with computers and to do so in the same way that the mouse did, which means that the transformation affects everyone, both from the most basic use case all the way up to the most advanced use cases you can imagine for computing technology.

Watch the following video and get an idea of what this sensor can do...

[Via: CNET]    [Link: LEAP motion]

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