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Never steal a hacker's computer - real amazing story
posted December 27 2010 12:29.44 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Listen to this hilarious story from Zoz, a computer hacker whose Mac was stolen from his room. Zoz who loved this computer, did not quit searching for it that easy. Listen to his story in this video (Attention: poorly censored!), and see how it finally ended. I could become a movie (comedy) one day.

[Via: gizmodo]    [Link: killab66661]
Tags: crazy hack   crazy story   hilarious   crime   ridiculous   games and fun   pc related   

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  • At 29 December 2010, 14:15:20 user Kammenos wrote:   [reply @ Kammenos]
    • so, what have we learned? lower pc locking measures makes it more likely to be found again! what a paradox

  • At 29 December 2010, 11:56:33 user Metalshrine wrote:   [reply @ Metalshrine]
    • Great!!!

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