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What is a space-time wormhole really?
posted April 30 2011 20:33.26 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Einstein's General Relativity is well known and often used to explain several phenomena, like the orbits of the planets. A wormhole is a solution to Einstein;s equations which allows us to connect two parts of space-time together, through he curvature of the space. And although a wormhole is a possible solution to these equations, we still have no idea how to create them or if they can ever exist. Watch the following extremely interesting video uploaded by Sixty Symbols, in which they discuss about wormholes, and a related video game, Portal II :D

And this is a video with extra questions posed to Professor Ed Copeland about wormholes

[Link: Sixty Symbols]
Tags: physics   research   science   unsolved mystery   geometry/mathematics   

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