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Cardboard PCs made from shipping boxes by Asus is bad idea
posted March 10 2011 21:53.40 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Really, tell me, would you ever, ever let your PC in the same cardboard box that was shipped? This novel idea comes from Asus [!!!] in the quest to cut down shipping waste. Although my new PC is not in a normal PC case, although i had my last PC spread all over my desk (the real meaning of a desk-top PC), i would NEVER put it in a cardboard box, so i mark this as a bad idea. There are of course realistic use-scenarios for these boxes (not too many though), but i ainít believe that home users will embrace this idea. I mean hey! Who hasn't use the tower to stack books and staff?

The box will have all the necessary "slots and bolts" to fix the entrails of a PC inside, along with CD recorder slot, hard drive slots etc. There are also many holes for ventilation (sufficient i hope). And here is the trick: Asus says that the cardboard cases are good for a year of use. And then what? Get a real case? So where is all this "cut down shipping waste" scenario? Bad idea. I hope that this employee who works on the package and distribution RnD of Asus and had this ridiculous idea, will never be transferred to another section, for Asus makes some very good motherboards (so far).

[Via: dvice]    [Link: NetworkWorld]
Tags: bad idea   ridiculous   commercial   mods   recycling   pc related   crazy designs   

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