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3D printing your.. food???
posted December 29 2010 16:39.29 by Giorgos Lazaridis

Most probably, you do know what a 3D printer is. And most probably, you thank that 3D printers print objects wit plastic, ABS or other similar material, right? Well, let me show you a new kind of 3D printer, that prints... food! Made from the Cornell University's computational synthesis laboratory, this is -not the only but- most advanced 3D food printer. It is equipped with multiple syringes containing (of course) eatable matter, and its movements are controlled from a computer. As any 3D printer, it stacks layers of material in a process called 'solid free-form fabrication' and makes a thee-dimensional object, which is nice-looking AND delicious as well. More details in this document.

[Link: Cornell University]
Tags: robot   inventions   mechanical   research   commercial   3D printing   

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