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Chinese plan to capture an asteroid!!! OMG
posted September 14 2011 18:43.17 by Giorgos Lazaridis

For real! Chinese scientists believe that by changing the velocity of a near-Earth asteroid just a bit -about 1,300 feet-per-second or so- is enough to change it's orbit and get it to temporarily enter Earth orbit at about twice the distance as the Moon! And for what? For mining! The asteroid will flow an unstable orbit which will eventually be released within a few years.

They plan to start small, the prime candidate right now is a 30-foot-wide rock, but they are thinking bigger, and i mean MUCH bigger! A two kilometer wide metallic asteroid could be worth something like (that's 25 trillion) dollars! The bad news are that a miscalculation could cause a 24-mile wide crater somewhere on earth... IMHO That's a bad, BAD idea!


[Link: Cornell University Library]
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  • At 15 September 2011, 18:04:26 user LOL@chinese wrote:   [reply @ LOL@chinese]
    • as always they have not thought this through. are they nuts? done they know about the effect moon has on us already? this is their problem, they never think it all the way through. if they did, they could make real good stuff by now.

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