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A 9 minutes tour to the Moon is just awesome [Video]
posted March 29 2012 12:35.32 by Giorgos Lazaridis

I was expecting such a video long time! Why? Because it shows the Lunar lander and rover from the mission Apollo 17, the last manned mission to the moon, which landed in December 1972 in the Taurus Littrow valley. It still is not a good prove for the skeptics who believe that Earthlings did not make this "small step for man" on the Moon, but it is a nice sight to see how everything remains intact, even the traces from the lunar rover are there 40 years after!

Some more sights that you will see in this video:

- Orientale Basin, one of the largest visible impacts on the moon's surface.
- Shackleton Crater, where an artificial light reveals topography that hasn't seen sunlight in billions of years.
- Tycho Crater's central peak and close-up shot of the central boulder.
- Mare Serenitatis and the Taurus Littrow valley, where the crew of Apollo 17 landed in December 1972.
- Compton-Belkovich region and flyaround of Jackson Crater.
- Tsiolkovsky Crater and close-up shot showing changing shadows.

Watch it and relax!

[Link: Kowch737]
Tags: artistic   space related   moon   satellite   crazy photo/video   unsolved mystery   

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