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Aggressive Maneuvers for Autonomous Quadrotor Flight
posted June 1 2010 14:40.34

Daniel Mellinger from the University of Pennsylvania describes one of his works as "developing controllers for aggressive maneuvers with quadrotor helicopters". In action this means tremendous maneuverability and insane control in turning.
Perching seems simple compared to the double flips and the amazingly precise flight through windows. A UAV showing things to come, enjoy.

[Link: University of Pennsylvania]
Tags: electronic project   robot   rc servo   inventions   mechanical   research   quadrotor   

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  • At 1 June 2010, 20:02:48 user Kammenos wrote:   [reply @ Kammenos]
    • This is the best flight maneuvering i've ever seen with quadrotor. It is very smooth and aggressive! Oh... and precise as well! It's an excellent work.

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