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Time for Science [daily updated]

LANp - A DIY Arduino controllable RGB lamp
posted April 12 2014 8:58.22 by spic0m

Steve form Hackshed details the transformation of an old scanner lamp to a network controllable RGB lamp[...more]

[Link: Hackshed]
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LHC Has Found a New Particle Unlike Any Other Form of Matter [News]
posted April 12 2014 8:48.30 by spic0m

Jamie Condliffe from Gizmodo with an amazing discovery at CERN[...more]

[Link: Gizmodo]
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The 10,000 Domino Computer [Crazy Project]
posted April 10 2014 12:19.11 by spic0m

Matt Parker and a team of Domino Computer Builders balanced over 10,000 dominoes in a carefully designed circuit. The result was a Domino Computer capable[...more]

[Link: standupmaths]
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Arduino, GPS, and Remote-Controlled Aircraft [Project]
posted April 10 2014 12:11.33 by spic0m

Charles Gantt was searching for a way to keep track of his quad copter flight paths, he ended up with a whole line of micro-development boards to review[...more]

[Link: element14]
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What Does Sound Look Like? [Science]
posted April 10 2014 12:03.40 by spic0m

You can actually see sound waves as they travel through the air thanks to a clever photographic trick![...more]

[Link: NPR]
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Raspberry Pi Moisture Sensor to Monitor Your Plants [Project]
posted April 9 2014 17:45.31 by spic0m

Jeremy Blythe from tuts+ utilized the Raspberry Pi to build a moisture sensor that informs you with emails when your plants are thirsty[...more]

[Link: tuts+]
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Stanford bioengineer creates $5 chemistry set [Research]
posted April 9 2014 17:35.05 by spic0m

Manu Prakash won a contest to develop the 21st-century chemistry set. His version, based on a toy music box, is small, robust, programmable and costs $5[...more]

[Link: Stanford University]
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How to monitor a domestic photovoltaic plant with Arduino [Project]
posted April 9 2014 17:31.08 by spic0m

ArdaSol is the name of a project for a solar energy monitoring system based on Arduino Mega and UNO, made by Heinz Pieren. It's a system built to[...more]

[Link: Arduino Blog]
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Arduino based "Etch A Sketch" Laser Cutter [Project]
posted April 8 2014 8:01.53 by spic0m

Martin Raynsford from Just Add Sharks made this crazy combination:[...more]

[Link: Just Add Sharks]
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